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Making A Miniature Boxed Rose Bouquet




Cut out box lid fully before then using a sharp craft knife to carefully cut around the centre window on a flat cutting mat or similar surface. Then using a ruler and a craft scoring tool, gently score the fold lines of the box lid, careful not to score too deeply otherwise the card will split.


Now carefully fold in the sides and little tabs and add a little dab of glue to the tab to secure as shown. Hold in place for a few seconds, repeat on all four corners. Once the lid is complete you can either add film to the inside to create a window effect, or leave open. Repeat the same cutting out and scoring the lines on the windowless box base. Then gather a bunch of tiny 5mm rose buds, available from our web site by clicking this LINK and tie off with silk ribbon which is also available by clicking this LINK add a little tissue to your box and your creation is complete! 

  Making and Miniature Knitting Basket 



Begin by cutting out the long base card and then covering with fabric. Now fold this into an oblong bottomless box shape as shown. Then cover the larger side card with fabric leaving a slight overhang and then lay a cut piece of cocktail stick on the end and roll over to cover, leaving enough overhang as shown to not show the ends when bag is assembled, now repeat at the opposite side. Then lay a small base card piece in the middle of this panel and then apply glue to one long side of the oblong covered shape and lay on the outer cover on the wrong side as shown, fold over and repeat to form the bag.                     

Fill your bag with wadding and trim the handles to the required length. Finish off by adding your little knitting items. This kit is available in 1:12th scale and 1:24th scale from our web site by clicking the previous scale LINK