Dolls House Store

I am asked about our beautiful dolls house miniature DIY kits, Digital Download kits and Miniature Pintables CD’s copyrights regularly. If you are contemplating using or have been using any of our kit formats by copying, selling, making and selling or any other configuration please use our Contact Us for further information about whether such use conforms to copyright law.
To put it simply, all Lorraine Miniatures, Miniature Kits and The Craft Pack Company pre-printed kits, digital downloads and CDs contain artistic designs that are entirely unique to us, or are derivative designs owned solely by Lorraine Cooper. Some antique artwork is used in a derivative fashion to enhance our kits, and therefore becomes my creation entirely and are copyright protected. So please respect the copyrights, i.e., do not duplicate pre-printed kits to sell or gift, do not duplicate CDs to sell or gift, and do not print multiples of our digital downloads to sell or gift unassembled. This also relates to kits, downloads and CD’s that may not currently be available on our web site or have been discontinued for sale, they are still protected by copyright. ALL are for personal use only.
You may gift or sell items you have assembled using our kits ONLY if they are part of a staged scene.
This also applies to our free or complimentary projects. My intent is to provide a craft for the purchaser and a cottage industry income for myself and no one else. Thank you for your cooperation.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the above copyright also relates to kits produced and supplied to us by other gifted artisans that are for sale via our web site. I am sure that as keen, ethical miniaturists, you appreciate the amount of artistic work that goes in to designing and producing each amazing little kit!